Candidate Services


1) Free Listing on FindMyReps

All certified candidates get a free listing on FindMyReps, complete with your photo and a link to your campaign website. Your listing will be seen whenever our users go to the office for which you are running and click the “Candidates” button.  You can create and edit your listing 24/7. Get started by creating a free Candidate Account.


2) Link to Your Campaign Website, or Build One Here

Your listing on FindMyReps includes a free link to your campaign website. If you do not have a campaign website, you can build one right here on FindMyReps. You will pay only a small weekly fee, and you can cancel anytime.  To learn how, click here.


3) The Most Targeted Political Advertising in History

FindMyReps allows you to buy ads that will only be viewed by people living in your political district. You may also buy ads based on ZIP Code, as well as citywide, countywide, or statewide. Upload or create your ad and edit your preferences 24/7. Pay only a small weekly fee and stop your ad at any time. Find out more.