Advertising on FindMyReps


FindMyReps offers the most targeted political advertising in history.  For the first time, candidates can buy ads that will only be seen by voters who live in their district.

In addition to placing ads by office district, we offer ads by ZIP Code, city, and county.

To advertise on FindMyReps, simply register and log in, then click “My Ads” on your account dashboard.


Our Ad Policy

The ads you see are placed by third parties who are solely responsible for their content.  FindMyReps cannot be responsible for the accuracy of these ads, nor can we serve as arbitrator about what is and is not true.  As with all advertising, we encourage our users to confirm accuracy before voting or purchasing.

FindMyReps is completely non-partisan.  In order to be fair and objective, we accept all ads that meet our guidelines:

1)  No obscenity of any kind.

2)  No sexual or suggestive language or images, and no ads for sex-related products or services.

3)  No calls for violence, direct or indirect.

4)  No hate speech, which we define as personal attacks on an individual or group based on their physical attributes, beliefs, opinions, or behavior.  Personal attacks are in contrast to sincerely held positions on public policy issues.

5)  No ads that link to websites that blatantly violate the above guidelines.

The interpretation of the above guidelines is solely at the discretion of FindMyReps management.

As we all know, politics can be nasty business, and most political advertising these days is negative.  We will allow the maximum amount of leeway as long as ads stay within our guidelines.

If you see an ad that clearly violates our guidelines, please Contact Us.  If you see an ad you don’t like or with which you disagree, we encourage you to simply ignore it.